Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time flies by so fast

The family reunion was alot of fun, met relatives we hadn't met before, and some we haven't seen in ages. And then also got to reconnect with the family we see periodically. All I can say to this is "I love my family"!!!
In August, Dustan left to go work in Colorado Springs, under my cousin Elaine and her husband Dominque. Dustan says he loves it there and enjoys working (which I never though he would say that). I am happy for him and thankful to Elaine and Dominque.
Brittany started workin at Safeway in the Deli department, a few months ago. She enjoys her work, and is even cross-training to get more hours.
Wesley is working for me at home, we are trying to finish our yard before fall gets here. He also needs to take his GED test so he can further his learning on becoming a paid welder.
Me, I work, and go with the flow. I love my job for the most part, but some of the older techs have too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do than harrass people. So guess that makes one a stronger person.
We are planning to trip for Labor Day back to Kamiah for BBQ days, which is a big celebration for our town and also is the kick off for football season. We are looking forward to going and seeing old friends again.